Gender Identity and Expression as Protected Grounds: What are the practical considerations for employers?

As a consultant practicing in the area of transgender inclusion, the clients that reach out to me embody this aspiration to be more inclusive of transgender employees and customers. At the same time, they share with me their worries about saying, or doing, the wrong thing and inadvertently offending the people they wish to support. The question I hear most often among employers: “What do we need to know that we don’t know?”

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GeneralKai Scott
Gender Data Limitations of M / F: How to Address Them with Five Steps

Now that we understand some of the complexities, how do we undertake this sort of deliberation to surface clear and decisive direction on gender data collection?  I recommend a systems approach to develop gender data solutions that are specific to your organization’s unique needs and software capabilities. This effort can be scaled to your organization’s size and needs using the following five steps:

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Gender Data, GeneralAnita Cheung